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Right Audience, Place & Time

Pay Per Click advertising is a highly targeted medium that is built to display your adverts to the right audience.

We will research your audience, design your adverts and make sure that they display in the right place. This may be in search results, shopping or video adverts or on websites that display Google image adverts.

Ultimately, we will make sure your adverts get in front of the people most likely to engage with you in the way you need.

Data Driven

We love data. It does not hide results and means that performance can be optimised using true, accurate information.

Our management style is to use data gained through our clients' PPC campaigns to help improve their performance.

This optimisation helps our clients' campaigns to sustain and improve performance over time.

Track Conversions

You don't just want to drive traffic. You want to get an outcome from the traffic you are driving.

This may be things such as enquiries, sales, downloads, video views or sign ups. Whatever the outcome, we use data to make sure your campaign is delivering the results you need.

Keep A Lid On Costs

Using PPC, you define your budget and only pay for the clicks on your advert. 

However, there is much more than that. You decide your budgets along with how much you wish to pay per click and conversion.

We will advise on a suggested budget when we complete your campaign proposal. Recommended costs can vary depending on how competitive your market is.

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