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Highly Targeted And Effective

Direct mail forms an effective marketing solution for our clients. It works well in conjunction with an online advertising campaign to help boost response rates.

In fact, direct mail generally boosts response rates by around 5% and is up to 30 times more effective than email marketing.

The two keys to an effective direct mail campaign are: Right Message and Right Audience.

Our direct mail campaigns work because they are highly targeted and ultimately deliver results!

Right Message

Our clients use direct mail for a variety of reasons. It may be to communicate a special offer, promote their services, bring about awareness, launch an appeal or meet a different goal.

We will design your message in a creative way, relevant to the audience and with a very clear call to action. We may try a few different designs to help understand which is the most effective.

For larger campaigns, we carry out consumer research and pilot campaigns to make sure we have the best solutions.

We maximise engagement through the use of leaflets, booklets or other creative solutions that bring about the best possible return on investment for each project.

Right Audience

Our targeting service makes sure that your message gets to the right audience.

We can analyse your customer or supporter data to build a picture of the type of person that would most effectively respond and use this to build your campaign.

It may be that you know your target audience or wish to expand your reach. Our audience targeting is very flexible and works to meet your goals.

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